With complex machines and systems, the question always arises as to how they should be controlled. In principle, this always depends on the tasks to be completed. The trend in control technology is towards modular, software-based function modules. Preference is given to application-specific controls that are similar to those programmed, but nevertheless offer different functional ranges.

RBS control systems monitor and control all decisive processes of the individually designed intralogistics solutions. Occupational safety and operational reliability are also important factors here. Control modules developed by RBS, proven in practice, ensure the economic efficiency of a plant with high flexibility of use. These modules include the PLC level, paperless picking using the pick-by-light method, visualization and standardized interfaces for connection to a warehouse management system.

A tailor-made system control offers many advantages: Production safety, economy, reliability and future orientation. Electrical interfaces and transfer points within the conveyor technology as well as the protocols to be used are defined in advance. The responsibilities for the individual sub-areas are likewise defined. In addition to planning and coordination, RBS also handles PLC programming, installation and start-up on site.