Overhead conveyors, such as continuous conveyors or continuous pipe conveyors, are in demand where greater distances need to be spanned for the transport of piece goods. These overhead conveying systems make optimum use of the structural conditions of production halls or pre-storage areas. Even with complex systems, larger areas on the ground remain free for other purposes.

RBS Overhead conveyors


The guideway consists of a slotted pipe that protects the link chain inside from contamination. This and the compact design make such a continuous conveyor particularly suitable for soiled environments.

The chain, with joints made of heavy-duty sintered metal on the moving parts, fulfils a double function: It acts as a means of traction and a means of carrying loads.

The drive power of the tow drive is adjusted to the throughput rate. This allows constant or infinitely variable conveying speeds of 1 to 28 m/min. The conveyor routing is very variable and can be used with very small horizontal and vertical curves in confined spaces and easily adapted to structural conditions. The curved pipes are case-hardened in the inner track and are therefore particularly wear-resistant. A maintenance opening is intended for the retraction of the chain during assembly and for simple chain control during operation. The tensioning station with a self-adjusting tensioning technology prevents that the chain tension decreases and impairs the conveying capacity.

  • Conveying piece goods between workstations
  • Cooling sections
  • Returning empties


  • Conveying items through painting and coating systems
  • Supplying cardboard shipping boxes