In internal logistics, products and goods flows must often be ensured over several levels. Here, vertical conveyors are commonly used for conveying goods vertically. Such vertical conveyors handle any height differences of various conveyor or building levels.

RBS level lifts ensure the fast and reliable vertical transport of pallets in intralogistics. The existing broad selection of standardized vertical conveyors ensures that individual tasks, such as the material provision on various building levels, can be performed.

The RBS pallet lifts are available in 1-post to 4-post versions. They can be installed free-standing, within a steel structure or in a wall shaft.

Depending on the requirements, different load handling devices are used. In addition, various controlled drive options can be selected. Due to the modular and robust design for low space requirements, these pallet lifts ensure high reliability and process safety in the internal material flow.

In general, all free-standing RBS level lifts are fitted with complete protective covers. All access points, both for free-standing pallet lifts and for lifts integrated in a lift shaft, are secured in close consultation with the existing safety departments. A wide variety of automatic high-speed doors, safety gears and access control systems are available for this purpose.