The decision for the suitable pallet conveyor system is likewise crucial in view of quality, economy and reliability of the internal material flow.

For horizontal or vertical movements, turning or moving, swivelling, tilting or stacking, the RBS pallet conveyor system with its flexible modular system BK1200, including a variety of modules, always offers the right solution, even for demanding tasks.

Roller Conveyors

Pallet roller conveyors of RBS Förderanlagen GmbH

The right module for all your tasks.

Depending on the application, the roller conveyors built by RBS are designed with a continuous chain drive or with a drive from roller to roller.

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Chain conveyors

Pallet chain conveyors of the RBS Förderanlagen GmbH

Multi-strand variants for a wide variety of pallets.

The chain conveyors are available in two- or multi-strand design in order to be able to transport the multitude of different pallets.

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Pallet conveyor modules from RBS Förderanlagen GmbH

Flexible and reliable interfaces for your plant.

Turning, swivelling, moving ...
Each conveyor system only becomes a complete system by combining the suitable modules from the RBS modular system.

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Floor Lifts

Pallets floor lift of the RBS Förderanlagen GmbH

Up and down.
RBS Floor lifts
- fast,
- reliable,
- standardized.

Vertical transport is also indispensable in pallet conveyor technology. As a manufacturer, RBS offers a large selection of standardized vertical conveyors.

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