The picking and sorting of goods, components or items for customer or production orders plays an important role in internal logistics. Errors made here delay all subsequent production or delivery processes. The additional costs incurred, for example, due to incorrect shipping, a costly follow-up check and missing or incorrect parts within the production process are not insignificant.

RBS controls, Pick by Light



RBS offers you the right controllers for the most diverse automation requirements.

RBS supports its customers with pick-by-light systems to optimize internal material flow processes, increase throughput and reduce error rates. This represents a considerable competitive advantage, especially with regard to Internet trading with its short delivery times.

„Pick-by-Light“ is one of the most widely used paperless picking systems. This system has a signal lamp, a display, an acknowledgement button and, if necessary, an input or correction button on each storage compartment.

If the order picking container is ready at the picking position, the signal lamp lights up at the storage compartment where goods have to be picked and the number of goods to be picked is shown on the display.

The order picker then only has to confirm the withdrawal by pressing a button. This means that the change in stock is also simultaneously reported to the warehouse system in real time.

PickbyLight DisplayThe elimination of paper lists, reduced search times and the associated increase in picking performance, the reduction of picking errors and ultimately the increased flexibility for changing order positions are just a few of the major advantages that order picking via light signals offers over manual order picking techniques.

The direct connection or feedback to a warehouse management system also provides an additional benefit for inventory support and replenishment control.

RBS selects the optimum solution for each storage location from a large selection of user-optimised displays. As a modular component of the RBS control system, the pick-by-light system is also connected to the ERP program or a warehouse management system via predefined interfaces.