Economic order picking is the backbone of successful goods trading and requires a high degree of flexibility in internal logistics in order to meet the changing requirements. No matter whether order-oriented picking, serial picking, order-oriented parallel picking or series-oriented parallel picking, "man to goods" or "goods to man" are required - RBS offers a multitude of different possibilities for internal transport.

RBS Commission handling systems


RBS Commission handling systems are powerful and can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of companies in a wide range of industries.

Depending on the task, various systems are available: from manual sliding roller conveyors to fully automatic high-performance workstations, connected by the corresponding conveyor technology.

These are employed for fine picking or batch picking, picking from shelves or flow racks, "man to goods" or "goods to man" picking.

Together with the customer, RBS analyzes the actual data and creates a future-proof equipment and storage location plan.

The basis of the RBS picking systems consists of the modules of the BK140 series. Various attachments and subsequent extensions are possible at any time. To guarantee the best possible layout of the entire system, the specific conditions of the work process are likewise taken into account in advance.

In "goods to man" picking, the goods are provided dynamically and automatically from an adjacent small parts warehouse. The corresponding RBS conveyor technology enables the goods to be transported directly to the order picker, who removes the desired goods from a container or tray which is then automatically transported back to its storage location. This picking procedure reduces travel times and achieves a relatively high picking performance with low susceptibility to errors. The ergonomic workplace design and the low-noise operation of the conveyor elements likewise improve the quality of work.