Many goods, materials, and vendor parts have to be moved from the goods receipt station to the outgoing goods station through internal transportation. Between these two areas, there are production processes, different sorting and distribution tasks and various storage areas. RBS offers tailor-made solutions for this type of piece goods transport.

The intralogistics systems are assembled from an extensive portfolio of modular individual components. The smooth interaction of the individual modules ensures a high degree of flexibility and customizability so that the customer-specific requirements of different tasks can be optimally covered. Due to the consistent implementation of the modular system, subsequent conversions and extensions are possible at any time.

Overhead conveyors

Overhead conveyor of RBS Förderanlagen GmbH / Gelnhausen

Small radius Great flexibility

The continuously running ceiling conveyor system is designed for light unit loads up to 60 kg. Due to small curve radii it can be adapted horizontally and vertically to the structural conditions

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