Vertical conveyors ensure the material flow over several levels. They are always used where products need to be transported vertically upwards or downwards. Within a material flow system, vertical conveyors require little space to span several levels and thus allow optimum use of space.

RBS level lifts for piese goods ensure the fast and reliable vertical transport of materials in intralogistics.

With the existing broad selection of standardized vertical conveyors, individual tasks, including the material provision on various building levels, can be performed. The vertical conveyors are made of aluminium profiles and designed for maximum stability during multi-level delivery.

The modular design of the RBS conveyor technology enables the quick and easy integration of level lifts into the overall system.

The RBS piece goods level lifts are planned, according to the performance requirements, in discontinuous column design or as paternoster lifts. These circulating conveyors are equipped with a closed drive system and can be used as C-lifts or S-lifts.

In general, all free-standing RBS level lifts are fitted with complete protective covers. All access points, both for free-standing pallet lifts and for lifts integrated in the lift shaft, are secured in close consultation with the existing safety departments. A wide variety of automatic high-speed doors, safety gear and access control systems are available for this purpose.