The new RBS CabBee is a shelf shuttle running on rails which particularly excels through its flexible application possibilities. To achieve the specified throughput, the number of CabBee shelf shuttles used is simply adjusted.

RBS Förderanlagen Shelf-Shuttle CabBee


Both low and high performance requirements can be implemented economically and flexibly with the CabBee shelf shuttle:

  • For low performance requirements, for example, only one single CabBee should be used which goes to another storage level through a lift if required.
  • The maximum performance is achieved if one CabBee is employed on each storage level.

Supplemented by vertical conveyors for feed and discharge, up to 600 double operations per passage can be accomplished.

Small moved masses enable high accelerations and speeds with maximum energy efficiency. Integrated load handling attachments protect your cardboard and plastic boxes during the transport as well as during storage entry and exit.

The high-performance energy storage system of the latest generation is reliably charged during each use of the level lifts through charging contacts. This allows an autonomous operation of the CabBee. As a result, complex and expensive energy supply systems in the area of the shelves can be omitted.