Individually adjusted, ergonomic workstations or workplaces are an integral part of many conveying and order picking systems. They ensure fatigue-free working, relieve the physical strain on employees and ultimately contribute to higher productivity.

RBS Workplaces

Ergonomic and economical

Ergonomic and economical

Workstations actively support the employees in their work and are individually adapted to the local requirements and workflow - ergonomically and functionally.

The workstations are adjusted to the tasks and needs of the employees with different configurations using RBS standard components and customer-specific elements.

This results in individually adjustable workstations, for example ...

  • with adapted lighting elements,
  • with tool and material supply,
  • with container tilting device,
  • with integrated load-bearing rollers and ball transfer units,
  • with integrated scale and packaging provision,
  • with integrated energy and media supply,

... or simply a solid worktable combination with different shelf heights in various angle arrangements.
There are almost no limits to individualization.