The visualization of processes and equipment facilitates the understanding of processes as well as monitoring and ensures the comfortable equipment operation. In most cases, it also includes an immediate logging of the process data for diagnosis. This helps to understand and analyse complex processes.

RBS control visualization



So that your PLC is not a black box, but you have all processes in view and access.

The need for a visualization that is quick to grasp and easy to understand with a suitable Human Machine Interface (HMI) increases with the complexity of the processes and procedures to be monitored.

On request, RBS provides an individual visualization in almost unlimited size and complexity for the equipment designed for its customers. This enables the operation and monitoring of the systems without any special programming knowledge.

Feedback on certain function sequences or fault messages are displayed graphically and in text form. This also allows regulatory interventions in the specified control sequence.

The interaction of a well thought-out, clear visualization with a reliable PLC is optimal for a large part of the control tasks. Established technical and programming standards ensure that the components are up-to-date and that long-term product maintenance is carried out.