Flexibility and efficiency are among the most important factors that lead the way to intralogistics. Faster reaction times due to the development towards shorter product lifetimes as well as an increasing number of variants with smaller batch sizes at the same time are likewise changing the requirements for intralogistics.

Therefore, many manufacturing companies rely on modular systems as well as innovative components and automation solutions to meet these challenges. The ability of companies to respond quickly to changing production requirements while providing consistently high quality can be crucial in competition. In view of this, the use of correspondingly optimised solutions in intralogistics can significantly support manufacturing companies. This reduces costs and increases flexibility. In addition, ergonomics, ecological efficiency and process quality can be improved.

The internal transport of pallets and piece goods is the domain and competence of RBS Förderanlagen GmbH. The future-proof intralogistics solutions from RBS ensure that goods and products are available at the right place at the right time. The optimal interaction of:

  • Warehouse and logistics planning, process optimization and simulation
  • Identification and production control
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Storage and conveyor technology for piece goods and pallets

enables the development of efficient logistics systems, focused on the requirements of customers and their applications.

The sophisticated modular design creates flexible systems that can grow with the requirements of the customer. All modules and components available in this modular system are and will be developed by RBS itself and can therefore be individually adapted to the specific requirements. The RBS Standard is what the customer needs.

For individual modules, complete systems or the assumption of general contractor responsibility: RBS works in partnership with its customers to design high-performance systems that can be expanded at any time to meet practical requirements for optimum internal material flow. For quality reasons, the start-up of the equipment is also almost exclusively carried out by our own personnel. The RBS industry know-how is diverse and ranges from automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, food and warehouse logistics, online and mail-order trade, publishing logistics and the paper industry to delivery services.

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