In the goods flow of companies, the sorting of piece goods and small parts offers a high optimization potential, e.g. for goods receipt and returns processing in retailing, for baggage, letter and parcel sorting as well as in the food sector. Here, companies benefit from considerable time and labour savings with flexible and efficient sorting systems.

RBS Sorting systems


RBS sorting systems range from manual distribution to computer-controlled automatic systems.

All sorting systems are planned and manufactured individually according to the requirements of the customers’ processes and specifications.

The basis for this are proven components from the RBS modular range, which can be used to implement a wide variety of functions and subsequent extensions.

State-of-the-art distribution technology with discharge modules suitable for the conveyed material ensure high throughput rates and increased efficiency. Various RBS modules such as pop-up modules, roller discharge modules, belt discharge modules, swivel arm pushers, rotation pushers etc. are available for sorting

The dimensions of the individual modules can always be individually adjusted to the requirements. In combination with appropriate conveying equipment and suitable feeding technology, complete systems for sorting piece goods and small parts in internal logistics are obtained.

Process sequences, which have been automated and intensified in this way, save time and money, and improve competitiveness. .