Where large container volumes or transport systems with trays are present, the stacking of empty containers is always an issue. With box stackers, buffers of empty and full containers can be implemented in production processes and, as a result, large storage and space saving potentials can be created even in small spaces. If required, the containers are then automatically transferred back to the system or into the production process.

RBS Box stockers



RBS box stacking and unstacking systems complement the portfolio in the area of unit load conveying and container logistics and enable a wide variety of stacking configurations consisting of several containers. These stacking systems are integrated as modules into a flexible RBS conveyor system. However, they can also be integrated as stand-alone equipment in conveyor systems of other manufacturers.

Depending on the dimensions and conveying speed of the containers, a stacking/unstacking capacity of up to 1,500 containers per hour can be achieved. The robust, maintenance-free and low-noise toothed belt drive ensures high availability of the stacking system.

Easily integrated side guides, alignment locks and terminal strips ensure the required flexibility of the module. Due to individually adjusted grippers and the freely positionable lifting drives, these systems are suitable for all stacking types. In addition, a complete stack can also be lifted in its entirety to allow other goods to pass through.

The RBS box stockers can be designed for different weights and sizes. Thanks to their modular design, the stackers/unstackers can be adjusted to any type of container.